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Meet Rosie Simpson (CEO, Children’s Hospital Foundation)

This month, we are handing  control over to some of the fabulous women working in and around Southpoint.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is Choose To Challenge, and we’ve explored this theme by reflecting on personal achievements, role models and more. 

Today, we meet Rosie Simpson,  CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation, an organisation that we at Southpoint greatly admire and have worked with as a charity partner. 


Hi there! I’m Rosie and I’ve held the position of CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation since July 2017.

I grew up on a cattle and wheat property in western NSW with two brothers, horses, dogs and thousands of cows. I studied agricultural economics and quickly discerned my real love is social change so did a Masters in International Development. I have worked all over the world and in lobbying, marketing and strategic roles in Australia, all with the underlying driver of improving peoples lives. This has bought me into philanthropy and the not for profit sector and I am humbled to now lead the Children’s Hospital Foundation, raising money and developing partnerships to change outcomes for our sickest kids.

I love a challenge and I am always up for the next one, securing funding for world-class research and supporting innovation in the delivery of children’s health outcomes.  A major highlight on both a personal and professional level would be enabling the QLD paediatric research community to really focus on brain cancer and give hope to families whose children are struggling with brain cancer with the launch of the Children’s Brain Cancer research Centre.

I take inspiration from many incredible women in my life and from history. There are so many great female role models – my immediate thought this International Women’s Day as we reflect on the theme #ChooseToChallenge is Mary McConnel who founded Queensland’s first children’s hospital in 1878.  Imagine the diseases afflicting children in those days and the lack of voice that women, let alone children would have had and the prejudices and hurdles that would have been put in her way in achieving this. I also think about a mum who is faced in the hospital today with her 9 year old sons dire prognosis and the courage it has taken for her to push the system and support us, as we fund brain cancer research to potentially spare other mums facing what she has faced!

International Women’s Day is a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come as women, for me to celebrate the wonderful women I work with and my amazing female friends.  It’s also an important reminder to us to re-energise ourselves and continue to push boundaries, as we see the Me Too movement gaining more momentum and as we focus on domestic violence against women.


Mar 8 2021