Natural floral pattern, texture and background. White and pink peony flowers over dark background, top view, selective focus. Summer, Valentine's or Woman' s day greeting card concept


Meet Anna (Florist, The Pantry on Grey)

This month, we are handing  control over to some of the fabulous women working in Southpoint.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is Choose To Challenge, and we’ve explored this theme by reflecting on personal achievements, role models and more. 

Today we meet Anna from The Pantry on Grey Florist.


Hi there! I’m Anna.

I was born and raised in Brisbane and love working in the heart of the city.

I’ve been a florist for nearly 20 years and still genuinely love designing arrangements with beautiful seasonal flowers, it’s such a wonderful creative outlet.

I’m fortunate enough to have a number of strong female influences in my life. On a personal level,  I am grateful to have been raised by two incredibly strong and inspirational women, my Mum and Grandma. Arriving in Australia in 1969 as refugees with their families and no belongings, they worked hard to achieve a better life and they’ve always been my role models. Their support and guidance has shaped the way I raised my own son as a single parent, which I rank as my greatest personal achievement.

On a professional level, I greatly admire founder of “Buy from the Bush Qld”, Kerri Brennan who has in the past few years championed the need to support our struggling local growers and industries. As a florist, I have always been focussed on buying and supporting our local flower growers. This is even more important after 2020, as Covid 19 had a huge impact on the floristry industry with flowers once again seen as a luxury item.

To me, International Women’s Day highlights the importance of continuing to encourage, make connections, support and respect women. The Pantry on Grey, achieves this goal in purchasing from local businesses owned by women like our ranges from In the Daylight  Cards, Rosie Lou Cards and Drift Trading Co Candles. The act of choosing to buy from small businesses owned by women are the kinds of small yet important decisions we can make daily to promote equality and encourage more female business ownership.

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Mar 10 2021