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Todd Sutherland – Store Manager of The Pantry On Grey

If you’re a regular to Southpoint, you may have already spotted Todd busily working at The Pantry on Grey but how well do you actually know him? And how well do you know The Pantry on Grey?

We caught up with Todd in store recently and here’s a bit more about what we learned.

The Pantry on Grey is a local, family owned business committed to delivering highest quality, fresh produce and products every day. The Owners hand-picked Todd 18 months ago to run the day-to-day management of the store, bringing his strong background of over 30 years in Retail including 23 years in various Store Management and Area Management roles with Woolworths and some time with leading Australian food manufacturer Simplot.

Todd’s experience in the industry gave him the knowledge and foundation needed to run a store with multiple departments and moving parts but his passion for people, food and The Pantry on Grey’s philosophy is what has seen the store go from strength to strength.

Growing up in a family where both his parents had owned their own small businesses, Todd appreciates the blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul that goes into running a small business and can’t speak highly enough of The Pantry on Grey’s Owners for their hard work, commitment and support. Todd is humble though, it’s clear to see that his own passion and determination are also key drivers to ensuring the highest quality of products, presentation and customer service you see in store each day. At home, Todd’s wife is the real ‘Foodie’ of the family. She loves to cook and Todd loves bringing home new and different products and produce from The Pantry on Grey.

Todd gets excited talking about his staff and the enthusiasm they too share for food and trying new things. He says his role is very rewarding and he loves working with different personalities and seeing them grow their skills and push themselves out of their comfort zones to be the best they can be.

Customers see the difference too. This isn’t your average supermarket. But don’t let the beautiful presentation and high end look fool you, the products, meals and produce you’ll find in store at The Pantry on Grey are suitable for all budgets! Todd and his team at The Pantry on Grey are experts at what they do. Baristas who love coffee and have undertaken additional training to ensure the best quality end product. Florists who hand select the freshest flowers from the markets to create beautiful arrangements in store every week. Chefs who are always experimenting and developing new recipes and meals using ingredients 100% sourced in store. Butchers who prepare the best locally sourced beef and poultry, offering cooking tips and advice. Deli staff who know the best meats, cheeses, seasonal fruit and accompaniments to build a perfect platter. These are the people who make The Pantry on Grey truly special.

The Pantry on Grey is a Foodie’s paradise, packed full of the freshest local produce, meat, poultry, cheeses, deli goods, pre-made meals, and so much more! Based on the ‘paddock-to-plate’ philosophy, every pre-prepared product you see from their sandwiches, wraps, soups, muesli cups and fresh juices in the Café to the gourmet meals and salads in the Deli and stir-fry’s at the Butcher are ALL made fresh in store daily using 100% products and produce found in store at The Pantry on Grey. This not only reduces waste that goes into landfill ensuring everything in store is used, but also keeps prices low.

So, what’s next for Todd and The Pantry on Grey? Always evolving and adapting to customer needs, you’ll continue to see new products, suppliers and meals in store. While the last few months have certainly been challenging, like nothing Todd has seen before in over 30 years in the industry, he’s optimistic about what the future holds for The Pantry on Grey and believes that the business will come out stronger and more efficient than ever. Todd hopes to be able to give customers even more of an insight into their products and services in the future with the potential to hold workshops and classes in store down the track.

Watch this space and be sure to say hi to Todd and the team in store when you’re next at Southpoint South Bank.