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Stephen and Sam Owners of Ariake On Grey

For Southpoint sushi and Japanese food lovers, Sam and Stephen would be familiar faces as the co-owners of Ariake on Grey. As Head Chef, Stephen is at the store every day sharing his love of Japanese food with his customers.

We recently spent some time with both owners Stephen and Sam to find out more about their love of Japanese food and their journey to business owners and partners.

Stephen and Sam met through Church and then worked together in a Sushi store. They bonded over their passion and philosophy for Japanese cuisine. Whilst their friendship began seven years ago, their business partnership started five years ago and expanded in pursuit of success at Ariake on Grey from October 2018.

Whist studying and working in Medical Research, Sam’s creative escape was his love of cooking and passion for Japanese food and sushi.

Stephen honed his sushi skills by working in a busy Sushi kitchen and considers himself a Sushi Artisan, rather than a Chef. Why an artisan? As Stephen explained the term artisan means crafting and creating using your hands, which is exactly what the making of sushi entails.

Stephen and Sam share the same philosophy. You don’t just make sushi, you need to concentrate and focus on creating it. It’s all in the detail – it’s the little things – the combination of ingredients and flavours and the use of quality fresh ingredients.

Since taking the helm at Ariake on Grey they have made changes based on their customer’s feedback. They offer 15 different combinations of sushi and unlike traditional sushi, they create larger rolls. With sushi sales doubling they know the larger rolls are a hit with their customers.

Along with their sushi and sashimi menu they also offer a range of authentic Japanese dishes including rice and noodle bowls. One of their most loved meals is a take on the Aussie Fish and Chips.

Customers can enjoy their lunch dining-in or can simply ‘grab and go’. Both the hot food and sushi menu is designed to ensure minimal wait and maximum flavour.

Both Stephen and Sam can’t speak highly enough of their dedicated staff with many being with Ariake on Grey since its opening. This support made their transition into the business very easy.

With a passion for creating the very best sushi and Japanese cuisine, their biggest satisfaction is knowing their customers love eating their food as much as they enjoy creating it.

Next time you are at Southpoint South Bank, make sure you check out the amazing meal options and sushi creations.