Chinese snack tray with red packet word mean luck


Red packets are small red envelopes containing cash gifts.

Given on occasions like Lunar New Year, they are an important Chinese and South East Asian cultural tradition.

As well as Lunar New Year, they are given at weddings, graduation or on the birth of a baby.

Giving a red packet is a way to share your blessings.

In traditional culture, once you have started earning an income, it is time to start your experience of giving red packets.

Interesting facts about red packets:

1. Chinese people love the colour red and it is considered to be the symbol of energy, happiness and good luck. Wrapping money in red, sends this positive energy with the cash gift.

2. Only crisp, new bills should be placed in the red packet and avoid coins.

3. The number 4 is unlucky in Chinese culture, so avoid giving amounts containing the number.

4. A red packet should always be received with both hands. It is rude to accept with just one hand.

5. You should always open a red packet in private and never in front of the person who gave it to you.

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Feb 12 2021