Noodles and rice on bamboo leaves with teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, wooden steamer and chopsticks over dark texture backround. Top view, flat lay. Copy space


Sunlit Asian Supermarket is a virtual treasure trove, with so many amazing products to discover in store, sourced from all over Asia.


The Golden Duck Gourmet Snacks

The Golden Duck Gourmet snacks have a cult-following around the world.

With unique and interesting flavours, boasting real ingredients, the makers of these surprising snacks are obsessed with their craft.

Flavours include Gourmet Salted Egg Fish Skin, Singapore Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Yolk. See what all the buzz is about today!





Farmers Grange Nine System Red Bay Candy

Sweets treats symbolise a sweet life in China and necessary for New Year’s Celebrations.

These delicious sweets are commonly served on Chinese New Year’s Day.






Soy Sauce

A staple ingredient in Asian cooking! But which kind do you need?

Light soy sauce is light in colour and thinner in consistency. It’s salty and essential to Chinese cooking. It’s the one used in every day cooking with Asian greens, stir fries and noodles and dumplings.

Dark soy sauce is thicker and slightly salty but a little bit sweet too. It’s mainly used when you need the classic dark caramel colour, like for sauces, stews and marinades.

Oyster sauce and sesame oil are also a great starting point for an introduction into Chinese cooking. Use the oyster sauce over freshly steamed Asian greens (a little goes a long way!). Light soy sauce and sesame oils can also be used for noodles or use all 3 in your favourite stir fry.




Sliced Lamb Rolls

In Sunlit’s freezer section you will find everything you need for Hot Pot including Sliced Lamb Rolls. Hot Pot (which translates to fire pot) is very popular.

You can choose your soup base which you would like to cook all your meats, seafood and vegetables in or most Chinese house holds will have a ying yang pot (where the pot is split into 2). One holds a spicy stock and one a more mild stock.

These form a great base for Hot Pot as well.





Oodles of noodles!

Everyone loves instant noodles, and Sunlit have a huge variety of brands and flavours including cup noodles. The perfect quick meal or work lunch option, take some time to explore the noodle aisle and discover some new favourites.