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If you love Japanese cuisine, then you are in for a real treat at Ariake on Grey. For a quick bite on the run, or a casual dining experience, Ariake on Grey offers authentic flavours, freshly prepared in the traditional way. Ariake’s stylish, licensed 60-seat Izakaya-style location offers a menu that features all your traditional Japanese favourites plus exciting new additions, like new sushi creations, salads, seasonally themed bento boxes and more.

Bento Boxes

Have you tried Ariake’s expanded offering of Bento Boxes?  These versatile lunch options are the best! Why choose one dish when you can have four? Ariake on Grey explores the bento box in seasonal flavours. The Spring Bento Box features Teriyaki Chicken and spring rolls; Summer is all about spice with Samyang Spicy Pork and Volcano Chicken; Autumn flavours include warming Katsu Curry Chicken and dumplings, whilst their Winter Bento features a combination of Teriyaki Tofu, tempura vegetables and garden salad.






Amazing Sushi Creations

The Ariake team are always striving to be unique and deliver their patrons new and exciting combinations. They believe sushi is all about creation and love to play with new ideas, unique flavour combinations and fresh ways to serve your favourite sushi. You’ll find new and exciting combinations in their cabinets daily, so explore the menu!







Japanese Salads

Try something fresh and different at Ariake, like their Garden Salad. This tasty combination of Japanese seaweed salad, avocado, cucumber with salmon sashimi, tobiko and a little sesame dressing will be your new go-to as a fresh, healthy and delicious lunch option.







Warm Lunches for Cool Days

With a wide range of Japanese curries and noodle dishes, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes time for lunch. Ariake’s selection of curries includes pork, chicken, tofu, prawn and vegetable, all made fresh to order. They have recently expanded their menu to include rice bowl dishes including classic Teriyaki, Chicken Karaage, Tempura Bowls and delicious Miso Ramen served with your choice of pork or chicken.






We’re on a roll!

And of course it’s hard to go past a classic sushi roll for the perfect grab and go lunch. Ariake’s sushi is always freshly made, generously filled and utterly delicious. With all your favourite varieties available, you’ll find it hard to stop at just a few!







So try Ariake on Grey for yourself today. It’s the fresh take on Japanese food that you’ve been looking for!

Learn more about the talented team behind Ariake on Grey here.

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Apr 20 2021