Valentines Day background with red and pink hearts. Top view


Treat your loved one to a special Valentine’s Day dessert!

In just 5 minutes, you can prep this fun, no-bake idea from Woolworths.

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  • 1 pkt Woolworths Mini Choc Rollettes
  • 50g dark chocolate, chopped
  • Woolworths whipped cream
  • ½ punnet blueberries
  • ½ punnet raspberries



1. Cut each rollette into three slices. Arrange slices on a large plate in a heart shape.

2. Place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 30-second bursts or until melted, stirring in between.

3. Transfer melted chocolate to a piping bag or ziplock bag with the corner snipped off.

4. Randomly spray arranged rollette slices with small and large dollops of cream and top with berries. Drizzle with chocolate to serve.

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Feb 9 2021