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It’s no secret that we Australians love our coffee. With around 1.3 million cups purchased per day, and new cafés popping up weekly, it’s clear our coffee culture is on the rise.

In such a fiercely competitive market, fuelled by influencer-driven, carefully styled Instagram feeds, clever café owners are staying on top of tastes and trends to ensure their product offering is current, brewed to perfection and meeting the needs of their customers.

So which brews are creating a buzz?

Cold brew coffee is stronger than traditionally brewed coffee but less bitter and acidic, meaning additional ingredients can be added to produce different flavours. Bottled and ready to go, its portable nature makes it an attractive option for time-poor customers. The cold brew market is growing, with new brands and blends popping up to cater to different palates and growing demand. Southpoint’s own Pourboy pride themselves on delivering high quality specialty blends, sourced around the globe and roasted in Melbourne. Their unique cold brewed coffee is steeped over a 24 hour period with milk and raw sugar.

Nitro coffee developed from the craft brewing movement. It’s a specialty drink that involves infusing coffee with nitrogen gas. This results in a rich and creamy texture and carbonation. Nitro coffee has a rich, strong flavour and its popularity has seen it expand to the takeaway market in canned forms.

While the nut milk trend feels like old news, baristas are predicting that perhaps the biggest trend for 2019 will not so much focus on the coffee itself, but rather its perfect partner.

Oat Milk is predicted to be the next big thing to fill your cups. Based on international trends, oat milk is set to surpass soy and almond milk as the favoured non-dairy option in our coffee cups. Experts say oat milk tastes and blends better with coffee than the alternatives, which can separate when added to coffee. With oat milk production more sustainable, using less chemicals and water, it’s a positive trend for consumers and the environment.

Sustainably Grown and Fair Trade With global environmental concerns on the rise, customers have become far more aware of the impact of the world’s massive demand for coffee on the Earth. Sustainably grown coffee means that the coffee trees must be grown organically and without causing deforestation, land or water erosion. The fair trade coffee movement is primarily focused on guaranteeing the fair pay and ethical treatment of coffee producers. Fair-minded coffee consumers look for this certification when purchasing their coffee grounds and beverages in order to support fair trade standard.

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