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5 Ways To Improve Your 2020

When that clock ticks past midnight on December 31, folks inevitably start thinking about change, but let’s be realistic. Are you really going to attend the gym religiously, suddenly develop a taste for kale, or start bullet journaling? Like…really? Let’s approach the new year with some simple and practical ways to improve quality of life, health and happiness. Sound good? Then read on!

1. Go plastic free.
Plastic never goes away. Masses of plastic can be found in clusters making up about 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces. You can start cutting down on your plastic waste in the smallest ways. Use reusable bags when you shop. Ditch single-use water bottles and straws and avoid products made from or packaged in plastic whenever possible. Stores are full of stylish reusable cups, stainless steel bottles and waxed food wraps. Not only do they look lovely, they save you money and are better for the environment. And you know what? A cup of coffee tastes infinitely better in a reusable cup than in a disposable one! Check out the fabulous Cafflano cup range at Pourboy and you’ll soon be sipping your morning latte in style.

2. Take better care of yourself.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is! Ensure you are getting your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Make time for around 30 minutes of activity each day. Maybe it’s just a brisk walk around the block on your lunch break. There’s no great secret to a healthy life, it’s all about balance. The holiday season is often a time for over-indulgence so it makes perfect sense to reset in the new year. And just because you are back at work and time poor, that does not mean you need to make poor choices. The Pantry On Grey stocks a great range of fresh food options from acai bowls to salads and wraps. Don’t miss their fabulous fresh juice bar as well! Still feeling like you might need some good health guidance? The dedicated healthcare team at TerryWhite Chemmart are on hand for advice and to address your health and wellness concerns with professionalism, care and compassion.

3. Book that holiday.
You know that holiday that you’ve been dreaming about forever and keep putting off? Stop dreaming and start doing! Set a date, book some leave, march yourself into a travel agent and book it in. Travel is one of those things that you never regret. Head in to see the team at Flight Centre and get ready to plan your next big adventure.

4. Try something new.
When you pop into your favourite local, do the staff instantly know your regular order? Ever thought about mixing it up a bit? Maybe you’ve always been a flat white drinker? Try an Affogato or Matcha Latte. Want to inject a bit more fun into your dull work week? Grab some friends and head along to Wednesday night Bingo at Little Big House! It’s free to play with great prizes up for grabs. It’s sure to help you get over those hump day blues!

5. Treat Yourself!
You’ve been good all week. You’ve eaten well, made sure to get out and move a bit. Time for a treat? Heck yeah! Buy yourself that bunch of flowers! Maybe you’d enjoy a good bottle of wine to enjoy with a friend over the weekend. Vulture & Grey have got that covered! Fancy something sweet? Stone Artisan Bakers have the most delectable range of baked treats waiting for you to sample. From mini raspberry chocolate mud cakes, to their deliciously creamy cheesecakes, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

And that’s it. 5 kale-free ways to improve your 2020. Enjoy!