4 great ways to mark Australia Day


Here are 4 great ways to mark Australia Day!

Here at Southpoint, we see it as a celebration of our lifestyle. Therefore we need to mark the occasion! Here are some easy ways to celebrate the fabulous country that brings us all such joy.

1. Start your day with a coffee!

We are a nation of coffee lovers. As evidenced by the fabulous cafes that dot every corner of our cities and suburbs, we rate our coffee pretty highly! What could be more Australian than starting your day with a perfectly brewed latte or long black from Pourboy?

2. Fire up the barbie!

There’s nothing more Australian than a barbecue. Be sure to grab some friends and family together and enjoy. From sausages, to steaks to chops and kebabs, there’s a huge variety of meats to choose from at Woolworths Metro. Perhaps you could even whip up a classic Aussie pavlova or lamingtons for dessert?

3. Spend time with mates!

The idea of mate-ship ranks pretty highly for most. Honour those near and dear to you on this special day. South Bank is the perfect destination for a catch up, with so much to see and do. Getting there could not be easier with South Bank train station conveniently located above Southpoint. Plan your journey easily and safely, without the hassle of parking and traffic. And don’t forget to protect your skin when spending time in the great outdoors! TerryWhite Chemmart is on hand for sunscreen and insect repellant.

4. Enjoy Aussie Flavours!

Australia produces some of the best food and wine in the world, so let’s celebrate it! From a superb locally-made craft beer to a stunning organic wine, Vuture & Grey and Wines & Ales have something for every palette and budget. The friendly staff will help you find the perfect accompaniment to your Australia Day barbecue.


So celebrate what’s great with Southpoint!


Jan 8 2021